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Elm Cemetery Burial records 1913 -2013

Transcribed from the original Parish Records by Cllr R Pinnock 2017.  E & OE

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A1ShawJohn Baldock38Farm Labourer24 August 1913Friday BridgeFriday Bridge26 August 1913B1Southern
A2BardellCyril21Postman12 December 1913Friday BridgeFriday Bridge16 December 1913C1Southern
A3SmithGriffin42Farm Labourer28 December 1913Friday BridgeFriday Bridge01 January 1914B2Southern
A4DickinsonGeorge25Blacksmith02 June 1914Friday BridgeFriday Bridge05 June 1914B3Southern
A5FisherArthur22 hours02 June 1914Friday BridgeFriday Bridge05 June 1914E1Northern
A6BrownAnn9001 December 1914Friday BridgeFriday Bridge05 December 1914B4Southern
A7HensbyFrederick69Roadman02 December 1914Friday BridgeFriday Bridge07 December 1914B5Southern
A8BardellEileen Mary12 hours22 December 1914Friday BridgeFriday Bridge23 December 1914E2Northern
A9ShawEdith1225 December 1914Friday BridgeFriday Bridge30 December 1914B6Southern
A10ThorpeEliza8808 January 191548 Low Road Wisbech48 Low Road Wisbech10 February 1915B7Southern
A11GeorgeEva15 mins08 April 1915Friday BridgeFriday Bridge10 April 1915E3Northern
A12GeorgeEllen12 hours09 April 1915Friday BridgeFriday Bridge10 April 1915E3Northern
A13OxboroughLesley Frederick3 days15 May 1915ElmElm18 May 1915E4Northern
A14ReaderMary Ann6830 May 1915Low Road  ElmLow Road  Elm03 June 1915B8Southern
A15CallonThomas F C33Innkeeper20 June 1915Friday BridgeFriday Bridge25 June 1915B9Southern
A16BaceLizzie4905 July 1915Parson DroveWorkhouse Wisbech08 July 1915C2Southern
A17ClarkEdith Amelia2216 July 1915Meadowgate Lane ElmElm19 July 1915C4Southern
A18GutteridgeWilliam82Blacksmith16 July 1915Friday BridgeFriday Bridge19 July 1915C3Southern
A19StokesWilliam62Fruit Grower23 July 1915EmnethEmneth28 July 1915A1Southern
A20MundayMary7704 August 1915High Road  ElmHigh Road  Elm09 August 1915C5Southern
A21BiggsAlbert13 days06 August 1915Friday BridgeFriday Bridge09 August 1915E5Northern
A22HorsepoolThomas62Agricult. Labourer07 October 1915Chapel Road  ElmChapel Road  Elm12 October 1915C6Southern
A23MundayWilliam81Army Pensioner17 November 1915Chapel Lane  ElmChapel Lane  Elm22 November 1915C5Southern
A24HallMary Jane5601 January 1916Belt Drove Friday BrBelt Drove Friday Br05 January 1916D1Southern
A25MaycockJohn75Labourer28 January 1916Friday BridgeFriday Bridge31 January 1916C7Southern
A26BrownHerbert Charles C7 mths01 March 1916Bottom Laddus FBBottom Laddus FB06 March 1916E6Northern
A27PrattJohn Robert28Horseman17 April 1916Friday BridgeFriday Bridge22 April 1916A2Southern
A28LilleyArthur25Labourer25 May 1916Lilypool Cot. FBLilypool Cot. FB27 May 1916C8Southern
A29BentleyThomas5 hours27 May 1916Friday BridgeFriday Bridge29 May 1916E7Northern
A30ColeJohn8225 May 1916Workhouse WisbechFriday Bridge29 May 1916C9Southern
A31PearceWalter2531 May 1916Elm - Friday Bridge RdElm04 June 1916B11Southern
A32ColeSarah6217 July 1916ColdhamColdham22 July 1916B10Southern
A33DaySidney504 August 1916Waldersea Sidings FBFriday Bridge08 August 1916D2Southern
A34WesternEdith Mary2112 August 1916Friday BridgeFriday Bridge15 August 1916B12Southern
A35UnknownMaleabout 6501 July 1916Friday BridgeFriday Bridge16 August 1916C10Southern
A36BumfreyLily Maud1415 October 1916ElmElm18 October 1916B13Southern
A37MaycockMargaret7711 December 1916Harlesden LondonHarlesden London13 December 1916C11Southern
A38CarterJohn8408 January 1917Workhouse WisbechWisbech11 January 1917C13Southern
A39GoodmanGeorge46Labourer09 January 1917Strathmore Cot. ElmElm13 January 1917C15Southern
A40WilsonMary2701 February 191799 Quentin Rd Leeds?Leeds ?05 February 1917B14Southern
A41WilsonVera Murial8 days01 February 191799 Quentin Rd Leeds?Leeds ?03 February 1917B14Southern
A42WesternLancelot Abraham11 mths14 March 1917Friday BridgeFriday Bridge18 March 1917D3Southern
A43WilsonMary Ann5531 March 1917Friday BridgeFriday Bridge04 April 1917B16Southern
A44MarshallFrances8709 May 191710 Elm Low Road Wisbech10 Elm Low Road Wisbech10 May 1917C12Southern
A45BentonAlice8 mnths21 June 1917Friday BridgeFriday Bridge23 June 1917E9Northern
A46KilduffJames701 August 1917Workhouse WisbechWorkhouse Wisbech06 August 1917D4Southern
A47MundayJohn8127 October 1917ElmElm31 October 1917C14Southern
A48WesternHenry7126 December 1917Friday BridgeFriday Bridge31 December 1917B20Southern
A49RaceyOlive Maud3513 February 1918Elm High RoadElm High Road18 February 1918C16Southern
A50PrattCharles61Smallholder03 April 1918Friday BridgeFriday Bridge08 April 1918A3Southern
A51MarshamAlfred4605 May 1918Rose Cottage ElmElm10 May 1918B19Southern
A52WardReader Ward7119 May 1918EmnethEmneth22 May 1918C17Southern
A53JeffersonSylvia Marjorie207 June 1918Begdale ElmBegdale Elm10 June 1918D5Southern
A54HousdenThomas William2 mnths21 June 1918Friday BridgeFriday Bridge24 June 1918D6Southern
A55CaswellEarnest Walter3 mnths03 August 1918Molls Drove FBFriday Bridge07 August 1918E11Northern
A56KisbyJames73Labourer06 September 1918Friday BridgeFriday Bridge10 September 1918B2Northern
A57RoseberryLewis Verdon14 mnths26 October 1918Muncey's Lane ElmElm30 October 1918D7Southern
A58HornseyGeorgina3110 November 1918ElmElm14 November 1918A4Southern
A59SmitheeJohn7213 November 1918Friday BridgeFriday Bridge16 November 1918B3Northern
A60HousdenLeslie Bernard22 mnths20 November 1918Friday BridgeFriday Bridge25 November 1918D8Southern
A61HorsepoolJohn Thomas3427 November 1918Boatmere GedneyBoatmere Gedney03 December 1918B18Southern
A62SmithHonor7315 December 1918Friday BridgeFriday Bridge20 December 1918B4Northern
A63AblettHannah6723 December 1918Friday BridgeFriday Bridge27 December 1918B6Northern
A64WallisEmma Maria6606 January 1919Laddus Drove FBLaddus Drove FB09 January 1919B7Northern
A65SmithCharlotte3728 January 1919ElmElm01 February 1919A16Southern
A66CundyWalter Cyril6 mnths15 April 1919Friday BridgeFriday Bridge19 April 1919D9Southern
A67WhiteViolet Edna1 mnth10 May 1919Chapel Lane EmnethChapel Lane Emneth13 May 1919D18Southern
A68StannardTom27Carpenter14 July 1919Friday BridgeFriday Bridge17 July 1919A42Southern
A69LongMargaret Kathleen2 days25 August 1919Gosmoor Lane ElmGosmoor Lane Elm26 August 1919E16Northern
A70LongMabel mary13 days03 September 1919Gosmoor Lane ElmGosmoor Lane Elm05 September 1919E21Northern
A71LeetElizabeth7124 October 1919Friday BridgeFriday Bridge28 October 1919B8Northern
A72LeetCharles7207 November 1919Friday BridgeFriday Bridge11 November 1919B8Northern
A73GiddensGeorge Thomas1329 November 1919Laddus Drove FBLaddus Drove FB02 December 1919D17Southern
A74ClowMaud1828 January 1920Colletts Bridge EmnethColletts Bridge Emneth02 February 1920A5Southern
A75LanghamJames4616 February 1920Marshland FenMarshland Fen20 February 1920B31Northern
A76MiddleditchJames7805 March 1920Elm High Road EmnethElm High Road Emneth09 March 1920B9Northern
A77WoolleyTom Henry33Horse Dealer31 March 1920ElmElm03 April 1920A21Southern
A78PalmerKathleen4 mnths17 April 1920Friday BridgeFriday Bridge21 April 1920D16Southern
A79ClowBernard228 April 1920Colletts Bridge EmnethColletts Bridge Emneth03 May 1920D15Southern
A80DrewMichael7815 June 1920ElmElm18 June 1920B10Northern
A81GutteridgeHerbert Charles C4522 July 1920Friday BridgeFriday Bridge27 July 1920A25Southern
A82SwainAgnes4822 July 1920Laddus Drove FBLaddus Drove FB26 July 1920B11Northern
A83CraneEli6815 August 1920Friday BridgeFriday Bridge17 August 1920A46Southern
A84MiddleditchHarriett7929 November 1920Elm High Rd EmnethElm High Rd Emneth01 December 1920B33Northern
A85JacksonJohn Thomas3109 December 1920Friday BridgeFriday Bridge13 December 1920B12Northern
A86BrittainJoseph4626 December 1920Frrday Bridge Rd ElmFrrday Bridge Rd Elm30 December 1920B13Northern
A87HockleyMary Ann8516 February 1921Friday BridgeFriday Bridge21 February 1921B14Northern
A88WennEdith May509 March 1921Friday BridgeFriday Bridge12 March 1921D14Southern
A89FlaggLewis Harold323 March 1921Friday BridgeFriday Bridge26 March 1921D13Southern
A90CornishPhyllis Ethel16 mnths31 March 1921ColdhamColdham02 April 1921D12Southern
A91ClowMary Ann7424 May 1921Colletts Bridge ElmColletts Bridge Elm27 May 1921A47Southern
A92ClowThomas8207 June 192131 Ramnoth Rd Walsoken31 Ramnoth Rd Walsoken10 June 1921A48Southern
A93ClarkeJohn5819 July 1921Friday BridgeFriday Bridge23 July 1921B15Northern
A94MeekRobert5821 July 1921White House Farm ColdhamWhite House Farm Coldham25 July 1921B16Northern
A95SmithWilliam6725 July 1921Friday BridgeFriday Bridge28 July 1921B5Northern
A96FlaggBartholomew4307 August 1921Rings EndRings End10 August 1921B17Northern
A97HutsonEmma Maria7309 August 1921Friday BridgeFriday Bridge13 August 1921B18Northern
A98JessupJimins ?6820 August 1921Elmdale Elm High RdElmdale Elm High Rd24 August 1921B19Northern
A99RaceyEdna7 days24 August 1921Chapel Lane ElmChapel Lane Elm26 August 1921E26Northern
A100BentonEliza301 September 1921Friday BridgeFriday Bridge06 September 1921D11Southern
A101BurtonChristopher82Fruit Grower10 September 1921ElmElm13 September 1921A7Southern
A102RawlingGertrude Maisie16 days21 September 1921Laddus Drove FBLaddus Drove FB23 September 1921E31Northern
A103HousdenGwendoline Edna2 mnths03 October 1921Friday BridgeFriday Bridge07 October 1921E36Northern
A104WennLewis Graham7 weeks27 October 1921Friday BridgeFriday Bridge31 October 1921E41Northern
A105StimsonJohn6303 November 1921Brockhurst ElmElm08 November 1921A30Southern
A106GeorgeJohn7015 November 1921Friday BridgeFriday Bridge17 November 1921B20Southern
A107HorsepoolElizabeth Jane6422 November 1921ElmElm26 November 1921A27Southern
A108PutterillEdwin Sutton1029 November 1921ElmElm03 December 1921D10Southern
A109HotsonLizzie?28 November 1921Addenbrookes HospCambridge03 December 1921A17Southern
A110TitmarshArthur4 hours12 December 1921ElmElm14 December 1921E46Northern
A111LawsPercy William1118 December 1921Friday BridgeFriday Bridge21 January 1922D27Southern
A112ClowGeorge James1827 February 1922EmnethEmneth01 March 1922B21Northern
A113GeorgeSarah7328 January 1922Friday BridgeFriday Bridge04 March 1922B20Northern
A114BentleySarah Jane8325 May 1922ElmElm29/3/1922  ?B22Northern
A115HayesMmargaret5228 July 1922ColdhamColdham31 July 1922B23Northern
A116ClarkeEdward7503 September 1922Elm High Rd EmnethElm High Rd Emneth06 September 1922B24Northern
A117BatesHarry1123 November 192212b Lynn Rd Wisbech12b Lynn Rd Wisbech28 November 1922D26Southern
A118JacobLucretia Augusta6906 January 1923Coronation Cot. ElmCoronation Cot. Elm12 January 1923B25Northern
A119SmithElizabeth7015 February 1923Friday BridgeFriday Bridge20 February 1923A36Southern
A120BardellJohn72Grocer02 March 1923Friday BridgeFriday Bridge06 March 1923A24Southern
A121HotsonHugh51Coal Merchant24 March 1923ElmElm28 March 1923A8Southern
A122PainLeslie2 days07 April 1923Friday BridgeFriday Bridge10 April 1923E51Northern
A123RoperSarah Ann4615 June 1923EmnethEmneth20 June 1923A18Southern
A124PalmerLouis Henry31Motor Engineer25 June 192311 Corporation Rd Wisbech11 Corporation Rd Wisbech28 June 1923A29Southern
A125HacklingJack6 hours06 July 1923ElmElm06 July 1923??
A126CarterRobert86Roadman12 July 1923ElmElm15 July 1923B27Northern
A127BarnardArthur Ernest16 mnths23 November 1923Friday BridgeFriday Bridge26 November 1923E56Northern
A128VallowSarah8822 November 192312 Lynn Rd WisbechWisbech27 November 1923A28Southern
A129GeorgeJames Henry3815 January 1924ElmElm19 January 1924B28Northern
A130BatesWilliam8219 January 1924Friday BridgeFriday Bridge24 January 1924A33Southern
A131SaundersBernard Roy305 February 1924Friday BridgeFriday Bridge08 February 1924D25Southern
A132PainAlexander William226 February 1924Friday BridgeFriday Bridge29 February 1924D24Southern
A133SooleyJoseph Martin6627 February 1924ElmElm03 March 1924A10Southern
A134NurseEllen Elizabeth5114 June 1924ElmElm18 June 1924A34Southern
A135BaldockJohn69Agricult. Labourer14 June 1924ColdhamColdham18 June 1924B15Southern
A136GarnerJames7530 July 1924Chapel Rd ElmChapel Rd Elm02 August 1924B29Northern
A137JacobJohn7014 August 1924Coronation Cot. ElmElm18 August 1924B26Northern
A138ValesWilliam8513 September 1924ElmElm16 September 1924A1Northern
A139DrewDorothy Olive11 mnths14 September 1924ElmElm17 September 1924E61Northern
A140BarnardGeorge H?908 November 1924North Cambs Hosp WisbechWisbech15 November 1924D23Southern
A141SaundersDonald728 November 1924Friday BridgeFriday Bridge01 December 1924D22Southern
A142MatthewsEliza5418 December 1924ElmElm22 December 1924B34Northern
A143RoweRachel Agnes Hunter4618 December 1924Bird's Corner EmnethEmneth23 December 1924A7Northern
A144TysonArthur Sydney21 mnths25 December 1924Friday BridgeFriday Bridge29 December 1924E66Northern
A145HotsonMargaret and Ethel1 day07 January 1925ElmElm08 January 1925E71Northern
A146HousdenJohn William4323 January 1925ElmElm26 January 1925B1Northern
A147Marcus?William7922 January 1925Friday BridgeFriday Bridge27 January 1925A25Northern
A148SooleyMary Ann Morton7209 March 1925EmnethEmneth13 March 1925A11Southern
A149PowleyPhilip6425 March 1925Friday BridgeFriday Bridge30 March 1925B35Northern
A150WilsonGeorge6707 April 1925Friday BridgeFriday Bridge11 April 1925B16Southern
A151SaundersEmily4130 May 1925Friday BridgeFriday Bridge03 June 1925A12Southern
A152WarnerRobert6922 September 1925Friday BridgeFriday Bridge24 September 1925B36Northern
A153LinfordWalter Jacob4004 October 1925Crescent Nursing Home WisbWisbech07 October 1925A17Northern
A154BrammersGwendoline Rose7 mnths03 October 1925Friday BridgeFriday Bridge07 October 1925E76Northern
A155ChemmeryJohn William7 mnths03 December 1925ElmElm05 December 1925E81Northern
A156GutteridgeHarriet?8802 December 1925Friday BridgeFriday Bridge07 December 1925C3Southern
A157SmithElizabeth Ann7105 December 1925Friday BridgeFriday Bridge09 December 1925B37Northern
A158StarbuckMary Ann8010 December 1925ElmElm14 December 1925B38Northern
A159HensbyMary Jane7305 January 1926Friday BridgeFriday Bridge09 January 1926B39Northern
A160BurmanCharles Stokes7613 January 1926ElmElm18 January 1926A21Northern
A161SmithHarry4126 January 1926Friday BridgeFriday Bridge30 January 1926B41Northern
A162DewieJohn Dennis15 days17 January 1926Friday BridgeFriday Bridge19 February 1926E12Northern
A163BatesJessie4823 March 1926North Cambs Hosp WisbechWisbech26 March 1926B32Northern
A164RutherfordNeilina5603 April 1926Friday BridgeFriday Bridge07 April 1926B30Northern
A165LoughtonThomas6319 April 1926Friday BridgeFriday Bridge22 April 1926A38Southern
A166CraneJohn8701 May 1926Friday BridgeFriday Bridge05 May 1926A15Southern
A167PillowElizabeth8920 May 1926ElmElm25 May 1926A26Northern
A168RobertsAda Elizabeth2622 July 1926ElmElm26 July 1926A22Southern
A169BrownMaria7029 July 1926Friday BridgeFriday Bridge02 August 1926A12Northern
A170LakeyWilliam6427 August 1926ElmElm31 August 1926B29Southern
A171DeweyMary30 mins11 October 1926Friday BridgeFriday Bridge13 October 1926E13Northern
A172FlaggWilliam6308 December 1926Friday BridgeFriday Bridge11 December 1926A40Southern
A173JohnsonMargaret Fanny6309 December 1926Friday BridgeFriday Bridge13 December 1926B42Northern
A174FosterHenry8709 December 1926Friday BridgeFriday Bridge13 December 1926A28Northern
A175RussellCharlotte7015 December 1926Friday BridgeFriday Bridge18 December 1926B38Southern
A176BurtonCaroline9114 January 1927ElmElm18 January 1927A7Southern
A177BeanAudrey3 weeks18 January 1927Friday BridgeFriday Bridge21 January 1927E14Northern
A178CraneMary Jane7225 February 1927Friday BridgeFriday Bridge01 March 1927A45Southern
A179VallonEdward8324 February 1927Friday BridgeFriday Bridge28 February 1927A13Southern
A180NichollsBarbara7128 February 1927Friday BridgeFriday Bridge04 March 1927B28Southern
A181BoothJoseph8210 March 1927Friday BridgeFriday Bridge15 March 1927A29Northern
A182WalkerMary6221 March 1927Friday BridgeFriday Bridge25 March 1927A18Northern
A183WhiteLeonard Roland Wm1 day04 April 1927Friday BridgeFriday Bridge07 April 1927E15Northern
A184ScottWilliam6604 May 1927ElmElm08 May 1927B47Southern
A185KempJames6423 May 1927North Cambs Hosp WisbechWisbech28 May 1927B37Southern
A186BatesHenry6929 June 1927Friday BridgeFriday Bridge02 July 1927A30Northern
A187CornwellMatilda Rebecca5805 July 1927North Cambs Hosp WisbechWisbech09 July 1927A4Northern
A188DayMary Elizabeth6813 August 1927Friday BridgeFriday Bridge17 August 1927B56Southern
A189HousdenViolet Mary3 mnths31 October 1927Friday BridgeFriday Bridge04 November 1927E17Northern
A190RoweEleanor Hunter1301 December 1927EmnethEmneth05 December 1927A7Northern
A191MacrowAgnes mary5623 December 1927Friday BridgeFriday Bridge27 December 1927A20Northern
A192SmitheeJohn1925 December 1927Friday BridgeFriday Bridge28 December 1927B46Southern
A193CookMurial Freda2102 January 1928Friday BridgeFriday Bridge07 January 1928A14Northern
A194FollenArthur27Chauffeur 09 January 1928Boston HospitalBoston13 January 1928A16Northern
A195HorleyJoan6 mnths17 January 1928ElmElm21 January 1928E18Northern
A196CallabyDoreen1 mnth13 March 1928Friday BridgeFriday Bridge17 March 1928E19Northern
A197RaceyThomas William8115 March 192818 Norfolk St WisbechWisbech20 March 1928A19Northern
A198StevensHerbert Edward S2404 April 1928ElmElm07 April 1928A3Northern
A199MiltonRowland Arthur15 mnths14 April 1928Friday BridgeFriday Bridge17 April 1928E20Northern
A200DayHenry Thomas72Agricult. Labourer28 May 1928Friday BridgeFriday Bridge31 May 1928B65Southern
A201DrewRobert203 June 1928North Cambs Hosp WisbechWisbech06 June 1928E22Northern
A202ChapmanOlive Mary2614 June 1928Friday BridgeFriday Bridge18 June 1928B55Southern
A203CarterHugh21Agricult. Labourer21 June 1928Wisbech St MaryWisbech St Mary25 June 1928B74Southern
A204SpaldingElizabeth Francis6107 October 1928171 Elm Rd WisbechWisbech10 October 1928B64Southern
A205JeffersonEmily6821 November 1928Friday BridgeFriday Bridge26 November 1928B83Southern
A206WhitePhoebe Ann5524 November 1928Chapel Lane ElmElm29 November 1928A19Southern
A207HuntJohn Thomas61Fruit Grower01 December 1928North Cambs Hosp WisbechWisbech06 December 1928B82Southern
A208StorySusannah3309 December 1928North Cambs Hosp WisbechWisbech13 December 1928B44Northern
A209ClowSarah5316 December 1928EmnethEmneth21 December 1928B45Northern
A210GiddensJames Walter825 December 1928Friday BridgeFriday Bridge29 December 1928D21Southern
A211StannardElizabeth Ann7128 December 1928Smeeth Rd Tilney-cum-IslingtonSmeeth Rd Tilney-cum-Islington02 January 1929A43Southern
A212BatesMary8721 February 1929Friday BridgeFriday Bridge26 February 1929A32Southern
A213StevensonBrenda May226 March 1929ElmElm30 March 1929D20Southern
A214HaylockGeorge Robert4522 March 1929Little Sutton Long SuttonLong Sutton26 March 1929B47Northern
A215BarnardEliza7504 April 1929Friday BridgeFriday Bridge08 April 1929B49Northern
A216DaySusan4131 July 1929Friday BridgeFriday Bridge05 August 1929B48Northern
A217HallEdna May35 mnths06 August 1929Friday BridgeFriday Bridge10 August 1929E23Northern
A218WardGeorge48Licensed Victualler/Small Holder07 December 1929Friday BridgeFriday Bridge11 December 1929B21Southern
A219BatesAnn8127 December 1929Friday BridgeFriday Bridge31 December 1929C19Southern
A220BentleySamuel Benjamin57Agricult. Labourer28 December 1929Friday BridgeFriday Bridge01 January 1930B50Northern
A221HaylockMary Ann7912 January 1930The Hythe MethwoldMethwold16 January 1930B51Northern
A222BardellAnn7731 January 1930Friday BridgeFriday Bridge04 February 1930A9Southern
A223ThorpeReginald8 mnths14 February 1930Friday BridgeFriday Bridge17 February 1930E24Northern
A224FosterAnn8309 March 1930Friday BridgeFriday Bridge13 March 1930A13Northern
A225TingayHarry6825 March 1930Friday BridgeFriday Bridge28 March 1930B52Northern
A226SmithLizzie5830 March 1930Friday BridgeFriday Bridge03 April 1930C21Southern
A227WatsonEleanor Atkinson7118 April 1930ElmElm22 April 1930B53Northern
A228MasonLouisa6218 April 1930ElmElm23 April 1930B54Northern
A229GeorgeWilliam4819 June 1930North Cambs Hosp WisbechWisbech24 June 1930A34Northern
A230LemmonMaurice William526 June 1930Addenbrookes HospCambridge30 June 1930D19Southern
A231WinkleyHenry8611 July 193012 Lynn Rd WisbechWisbech15 July 1930B55Northern
A232WarbyGeorge William6930 August 1930Friday BridgeFriday Bridge03 September 1930A36Northern
A233ChapmanEmma7120 November 1930Elm High Rd WisbechElm High Rd Wisbech24 November 1930A38Northern
A234MannJoseph7920 December 193012 Lynn Rd WisbechWisbech27 December 1930B56Northern
A235LongridgeNellie4512 February 1931Home Lodge Bayham AbbeyFriday Bridge16 February 1931B92Southern
A236RumbelowMary Jane5926 February 1931Friday BridgeFriday Bridge02 March 1931B57Northern
A237MillsJohn8602 March 1931Friday BridgeFriday Bridge06 March 1931B58Northern
A238BuckenhamHilda Mary5308 April 1931Friday Bridge Rd ElmElm13 April 1931B23Southern
A239HillsSarah Ann7513 June 1931Chapel Rd ElmElm17 June 1931C22Southern
A240SmitheeSarah Ann7328 June 1931Friday BridgeFriday Bridge01 July 1931B3Northern
A241SingletaryGeorge6812 July 1931Outwell IsleOutwell16 July 1931C23Southern
A242WardDonald3 weeks10 August 1931Friday BridgeFriday Bridge13 August 1931E25Northern
A243WardGeorge3 weeks10 August 1931Friday BridgeFriday Bridge13 August 1931E25Northern
A244BatesAnn Elizabeth6002 September 1931Fulbourne Mental InstitutionElm07 September 1931B59Northern
A245LynnElizabeth6405 September 1931Mond Villa ElmElm07 September 1931B24Southern
A246EdgeleyJean6 mnths09 September 1931Friday BridgeFriday Bridge12 September 1931E30Northern
A247BlanchflowerRobert70Police Officer (ret'd)17 September 1931Elm High Rd EmnethEmneth21 September 1931A11Northern
A248KirbyFrances8302 November 193112 Lynn Rd WisbechWisbech05 November 1931B2Northern
A249SmithNellie32Wife of Fred'k Smith09 November 1931Friday Bridge Rd ElmFriday Bridge Rd Elm12 November 1931B30Southern
A250RuffEmma7612 December 1931Engine House Redmore WisbechRedmore Wisbech16 December 1931C24Southern
A251EdgeleyPeter3 hours29 December 1931Bridge Inn FBBridge Inn FB30 December 1931E27Northern
A252ScottJohn Christmas7930 January 193212 Lynn Rd Wisbech12 Lynn Rd Wisbech02 February 1932B25Southern
A253CraneTom57Fruit Grower17 February 1932Nursing Home 8 The Crescent WisbechFriday Bridge20 February 1932C27Southern
A254AblettJohn Walter75Fruit Grower11 March 1932Friday BridgeFriday Bridge15 March 1932B6Northern
A255RuffEdith12 hours26 March 1932Friday BridgeFriday Bridge29 March 1932E28Northern
A256Hunter-RoweJane7013 April 1932Wyberton BostonWyberton Boston18 April 1932C28Southern
A257GundlestoneJohn Walter65Fruit Grower13 March 1928Friday BridgeFriday Bridge17 March 1928B43Northern
A258CraneRebecca7119 April 1932Friday BridgeFriday Bridge23 April 1932C26Southern
A259SmithPeregrine80Small Holder30 May 1932Friday BridgeFriday Bridge03 June 1932A37Southern
A260WesternDinah8329 June 1932Friday BridgeFriday Bridge02 July 1932B20Southern
A261LakeyJessie6411 July 1932North Cambs Hosp WisbechElm15 July 1932B29Southern
A262RaceyErnest Hugh1802 August 1932March Riverside UpwellElm05 August 1932C29Southern
A263ChapmanSidney42Fruit Grower29 August 1932Fulbourne Mental InstitutionElm02 September 1932B31Southern
A264WilesAmelin8502 October 1932Bird's Corner ElmElm06 October 1932B32Southern
A265AllenHugh811 October 1932ElmElm15 October 1932C30Southern
A266LittlemoreJohn9 hours02 November 1932Friday BridgeFriday Bridge04 November 1932E32Northern
A267SwainSamuel6709 November 1932Elm High Rd EmnethElm High Rd Emneth11 November 1932B60Northern
A268BlanchflowerArthur2 hours17 November 1932North Cambs Hosp WisbechElm19 November 1932E33Northern
A269BlanchflowerJohn3 hours17 November 1932North Cambs Hosp WisbechElm19 November 1932E33Northern
A270ClarkeSusannah6019 November 1932North Cambs Hosp Wisbech1 Artillery St Wisbech23 November 1932B24Northern
A271JeffersonHenry7231 January 1933Friday BridgeFriday Bridge04 February 1933B101Southern
A272MarshallFanny6201 February 1933Fulbourne Mental InstitutionFulbourne Mental Institution06 February 1933C31Southern
A273MarshallEmma Jane5806 February 1933Fulbourne Mental InstitutionFulbourne Mental Institution10 February 1933C32Southern
A274RuffThomas72Small Holder17 February 1933Friday BridgeFriday Bridge21 February 1933C33Southern
A275HaynesJames8223 February 1933Ring's End WisbechRing's End Wisbech28 February 1933B62Northern
A276BumfreyElizabeth Ann7020 March 1933ElmElm21 March 1933B22Southern
A277BoothSusannah9018 March 1933Friday BridgeFriday Bridge22 March 1933B63Northern
A278BardellFlorence Edith M4919 March 1933Friday BridgeFriday Bridge23 March 1933C45Southern
A279GoldingJane7922 March 1933Friday BridgeFriday Bridge27 March 1933A40Northern
A280StarbuckJoseph9103 April 193312 Lynn Rd Wisbech12 Lynn Rd Wisbech08 April 1933B38Northern
A281Symonds -Stillbornpar:Frederick & Phyllis03 April 1933Begdale ElmElm13 April 1933
A282NichollsThomas70District Roadman27 June 193312 Lynn Rd Wisbech12 Lynn Rd Wisbech30 June 1933B33Southern
A283WilsonSusan7415 July 1933ElmElm18 July 1933C34Southern
A284BatesJames8522 July 1933Friday BridgeFriday Bridge26 July 1933C20Southern
A285LivelySusannah4502 September 1933EmnethEmneth06 September 1933B64Northern
A286GeorgeEvelyn May9 days09 September 1933Friday BridgeFriday Bridge12 September 1933E34Northern
A287GeorgeMargaret Jean11 days11 September 1933Friday BridgeFriday Bridge12 September 1933E34Northern
A288RoperWilliam7930 September 1933Downham MarketDownham Market04 October 1933B76Northern
A289NewtonEric Stanley16Agricult. Labourer19 November 1933North Cambs Hosp WisbechFriday Bridge23 November 1933B75Northern
A290LakeyMayes William34Small Holder04 December 1933Friday Bridge Rd ElmFriday Bridge Rd Elm07 December 1933B39Southern
A291RuffHazel Doreen3 days02 January 1934Gosmoor House ElmGosmoor House Elm05 February 1934E35Northern
A292WardSarah Jane7504 January 1934Nr Tram Staion ElmElm08 February 1934B74Northern
A293TibblesLouisa7220 March 193483 Cannon St Wisbech83 Cannon St Wisbech23 March 1934B66Northern
A294MeekBarbara Ellen7123 March 1934Eastwood End WimblingtonEastwood End Wimblington24 March 1934B73Northern
A295LynnEdward6928 March 1934Mond Villa ElmMond Villa Elm31 March 1934B34Southern
A296GutteridgeArthur3204 April 1934Friday BridgeFriday Bridge07 April 1934A25Southern
A297StokesSusan Ann7817 April 1934Canal Side EmnethCanal Side Emneth19 April 1934A1Southern
A298DeweyDennis Walter21 mnths12 May 1934Lilypool House FBLilypool House FB14 May 1934D37Northern
A299Biggs -Stillbornpar:Stanley & Eva12 May 1934North Cambs Hosp WisbechFriday Bridge14 May 1934
A300DeweyHazel June427 May 1934Lilypool House FBLilypool House FB31 May 1934D37Northern
A301BentonThomas2 mnths07 June 1934Crowmere Farm FBCrowmere Farm FB09 June 1934E38Northern
A302PeelingAlbert William21 mnths13 June 1934Friday BridgeFriday Bridge16 June 1934E39Northern
A303VenniJune Margaret1 mnth05 August 1932Friday Bridge Rd ElmFriday Bridge Rd Elm05 August 1932E29Northern
A304FisherPearl5 mnths03 July 1934Friday BridgeFriday Bridge06 July 1934E40Northern
A305HarveyGeorge Edward5517 July 1934Friday BridgeFriday Bridge20 July 1934B67Northern
A306EdgeleyMartha1 day04 September 1934Friday BridgeFriday Bridge06 September 1934E42Northern
A307JohnsonThomas7428 September 1934Friday BridgeFriday Bridge01 October 1934B68Northern
A308RichesEmma6802 October 1934Back Rd ElmElm05 October 1934B41Southern
A309StannardWilliam7807 December 1934Hungate Rd EmnethEmneth11 December 1934A44Southern
A310OldfieldWilliam Clemens7716 December 1934March Rd FBFriday Bridge19 December 1934C38Southern
A311DrewHannah6226 December 1934Elm Rd WisbechWisbech29 December 1934